4th Wheel Social Impact


Last Year In Review(2016-17)

We celebrate another year of interesting projects,
partnerships, learning, and social impact

  • Godrej, Mumbai

    Training program on designing, implementing, monitoring, documenting and evaluating CSR programs.

  • NSDC, Pan India

    A longitudinal study to assess the impact of the ‘Skill India’ program catering to youth in rural India.

  • Story Telling for Evaluation Workshop, Mumbai

    Promoting participatory action research to conduct impact evaluations.

  • Design Thinking Workshop, Mumbai

    Supported by the Swedish Institute, the design thinking workshop focused on SDG 17.

  • EMpower Foundation, London

    Developed an Effectiveness Index to showcase impact of skilling women in non-traditional trades.

  • Orion Edutech

    Developed M&E frameworks and tools to measure impact of livelihood skilling given to more than 15000 youth across the country

  • Quest Alliance, Bangalore

    Developed an MEL framework to evaluate a train the trainer program spanning four levels of reaction, learning, behaviour and results.

  • FUEL, Pune

    Capacity building, monitoring plans and strategic communications of career counselling efforts for rural youth.

  • Cuffe Parade, Mumbai

    A needs assessment study using participatory tools, to design innovative solutions in urban slums and improve civic amenities.

  • CINI - Tata Trust, Jharkhand

    Reports with a strong visual identity, which demonstrate program value, solicit feedback, and engage stakeholders.

  • Nebula Group, Ahmedabad

    Strategic advisory services to improve labour living conditions and build a first of its kind labour colony.

  • Ambuja Cement, Ahmedabad

    A consultative dialogue on ‘World Water Day’ with the theme of ‘Co-creating water positive communities’.

  • Sun Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Vadodra

    Developing and reporting on program frameworks aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • SAATHI Eco Solutions, Jharkhand

    MEL framework to assess impact of providing biodegradable sanitary napkins in rural areas.

  • SAATH, Ahmedabad

    Documentation and reporting of several urban development programs.

  • Dream a Dream, Bangalore

    A quasi experimental study to assess impact of life skill programs on adolescents' Quality of Life (QOL).

One of the best things about working in the development sector are the perks of extensive travel to remote locations. Cumulatively our team travelled to ten Indian states over the last 12 months, visiting more than 50 villages. When we travel we never know who we might meet, what we will learn or what skills we will acquire. As we regularly get exposed to and can validate our perceptions and knowledge by interacting with communities we work for, there is no routine burn out. We are able to get a better understanding of community beliefs, practices and realities, and build life long relationships with them, through participatory research and interactions. This enables us to design programs which are impactful, comprehensive and culturally relevant. These experiences provide insights and solutions that may have never been considered otherwise, and the opportunity to review, evaluate, and modify our own understanding and practice. Finally our travel helps to collect data on social impact, with the purpose of building evidence and highlighting promising and evidence based programs.

Our expansion to Dubai comes in light of the recent mandate on UAE companies to allocate funds and be involved in social initiatives. We have received sweat equity from local investors in Dubai.

The CSR management consulting office will be based in Dubai, which would extend services to regional markets (UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and KSA), to promote and enable a holistic approach to CSR.

Our established processes, tools and solutions developed over the last seven years will be applied in this geographic region, with a focus on conceptualising projects based on FSG’s ‘Shared Value’ concept.

Services will span four key offerings:

  1. Policy & Strategy development
  2. Employee Engagement & Volunteering
  3. Measurement & Evaluation
  4. Advocacy & Communications