Assessment study tracing impacts of social incubation at individual, organisational and societal levels.


Unltd India and JP Morgan


NGO/Corporate Foundation


Maharashtra, New Delhi, Telangana, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu

Key Highlights
  1. The independent entrepreneur scored himself/herself fairly well in terms of knowledge and understanding about the skilling sector.
  2. Low scores were seen in the areas of financial models and fundraising, marketing, and communication and documentation.

Analytical impact assessment framework and study for Unltd India’s skilling portfolio organisations

UnLtd India has partnered with J.P. Morgan to launch an initiative to find and support entrepreneurs focused on skills and employability. Entrepreneurs are supported with seed funding, personalised coaching, access to mentors and networks, technical input workshops, access to follow-on funding, leadership retreats and peer learning opportunities. For this specific partnership, UnLtd India seeks to obtain useful data on their performance, identify important factors that aid or impede achievement of intended results, and assess outcomes of incubates after participation in the program in terms of institutional capacities, social impact and sustainability. 4th Wheel is undertaking the study to understand multiple levels of impact created by UnLtd. India, specifically on three levels: Individual, Organisational and Societal.
Research Tools
  1. Research Tools
  2. Surveys
  3. Deliberative opinion polls
  4. Goal attainment scaling
  5. Interviews
  6. Comparative Reviews
4th Wheel Approach
The framework draws on principles of conceptual and results based frameworks. The emphasis will be on practical, ongoing evaluation strategies that involve all program stakeholders. Understanding and applying the elements of the framework will be the driving force for planning effective strategies, improving existing activities, and demonstrating the results of resource investments. We adopted a pretest- post test design to make causal inferences of program impact on all three levels proposed for the framework. This is substantiated with a planned/expected vs achievement matrix.